Love or Hate: High Waisted Mini Skirt

I’m going to start doing a series called Trends: Love or Hate. This edition is about high waisted skirts. High waisted skirts come in many different colors and fabrics. You can wear them with sweaters and crop tops. I absolutely love these type of skirts so much. I have three that I wear all year long. I wear them to the movies, to school, and even just running errands. They are so comfy and so easy to make outfits out of. I normally just tuck a shirt in and grab shoes. You can mix and match to make multiple outfits. Here are a couple of my favorite outfits that I found on Pinterest. Comment below some trends you want me to review next.


The outfits and pictures in this post are not mine. I found them on Pinterest and linked the photos to where they belong.

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